How to increase storage at your home , clever tips.

How to increase storage at your home , clever tips.

If you are the one who is faced with storage space challenges in your home then this article is for you. Certain home hack can help you create that extra space you need.

1)The most important rule is to always hold less, discard things that are unnecessary and not useable. Before you decide to increase storage in your home, first start by making a donating box.

donation box

2)Add furniture with storage. Certain designs of furniture offer extra storage space without compromising on looks, this will help utilize that extra inch of storage space.

3)Utilize space under the stairs by creating a drawer or cabinets.

stare storage

4)Make use of vertical space and clean up that floor. Install tall cabinates, shelves, hooks, etc. This will clear that clutter areas without compromising on space.

5)Invest in smart furniture. Yes, furniture is also getting smarter day by day, such furniture has dual-use and can be converted in minutes.


6)Headboard storage beds. Choose a bed design that offers storage on the headboard. Such designs are good looking and also offer ample storage.

7)Install a full-length mirror on the back of the main door. This will make sure that u don’t need a separate dresser inside your bedroom and thus can give your room a larger feel.

8)Install wall-mounted shoe racks that fold inside the wall. This can create extra space at your passage thus giving a larger look.


9)Install vertical garden instead of planters this will help in clearing floor space and also add greenery in the house.

vertical gardern

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