Wallpaper calculater guide
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Wallpaper calculater guide

Size does matter when it comes to buying wallpaper for your home or office because:

  • You would not want to buy extra rolls that have no use and lie stacked around.
  • You do not want to fall short of rolls to cover your entire wall.
  • You do not want tacky work with frayed wallpaper sticking out at the corners.

Therefore, once you have zeroed down on the wallpaper design, the next step is to measure the wall and calculate the quantity of the rolls needed to cover it.

Follow the steps below.

  • Width – Measure the horizontal distance of the wall, from corner to corner and add a few inches extra in case of an odd mistake.
  • Height – Measure the vertical height at each corner of the wall, again add few extra inches. Some walls are not perfectly square. If there is a difference in height, always select the greater of the two height measurements.
  • Square feet- Now multiply width with height to square feet are of wall (W X H = SQFT)
how to measure wallpaper
how to measure wallpaper

A regular wallpaper roll size is either

1.75 feet X 32 feet = 56 sqft


3.5 feet X 16 feet = 56 sqft

Now divide wall sqft by 56 and do a round figure upwards to get the final quantity.

Wall sqft / 56 = total no rolls

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