The story behind Vastu Shastra

It is believed that many years back Lord Brahma created the Universe.

And also created a man as an experiment.

This man was not ordinary, he was huge and had enormous powers to grow.

Soon after his creation the man started growing and became so big that his shadow had cast an eclipse on earth.

Gods Shiva and Vishnu requested God Brahma to stop this chaos from spreading.

God Brahma understood that he has made a mistake and he needs to rectify it.

But by then the man became too powerful for God Brahma, hence he requested the Gods of eight directions (Astha Dikapalakas) to come in to help.

Together they pinned the man against the ground with his head in North-East and legs in South-West direction.

God Brahma stood in the center to hold the man down.

As soon as the man realized that he has been pinned down he started to cry and asked God Brahma “You created me as I am today, and now you are doing this to me?

What’s my fault?”

Hearing his question God Brahma answered “I know its not your fault, but you have become a threat to everyone.

I don’t want to destroy you completely and hence you have to remain like this forever.”

But I will make you immortal and all mortal people who build any sort of structure on earth must follow you.

You can tease, devour and trouble these people if they don’t worship you and don’t keep you happy.

You will be present in all the land and you are from now onwards known as Vastu Purusha”.

To this deal, the man (Vastu Purusha) agreed and became an inseparable part of earth forever.

And the section of the ground where Vastu Purusha was pinned down is called Vastu Purusha Mandala.


Now that’s the incredible story behind Vastu Shastra.

One interesting fact which will make you believe in the story a little more, check the location of the Surya (the sun ) in the above diagram(Vastu-Purusha-Mandala), Its east and we all know the sun rises in the east.

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