Common concreting errors
proper steps for concreting

Common concreting errors

1)water-cement ratio     This is the most common error on any site .It’s normal value lies between 0.4 to 0.6 as per IS code depending upon workability and type of use. Water has the most significant impact on concrete properties. It has a major role in its strength and durability. The greater the amount of water in a concrete mix, the more diluted it gets thus affecting Its strength, porosity, and colour. Higher water-cement ratio is also more vulnerable to cracking and shrinkage which causes strength issues. on the other hand, If the amount of water is low, the hydration process will not be as good as required, and the concrete will not gain strength .


drum-miserconcrete mixer  Mixing concrete is  an every day work on construction sites and improperly mixed concrete can create unacceptable or substandard results. This often leads to construction damages and/or additional costs. It’s the right mixture that matters. The question is: How can you avoid these mixing errors? Well an answer to this will vary according to different situations but be below are the thumb rule to follow. a)Always try to use quality tools/machine such as mixing paddle or drum mixer and avoid mixing manually. b)Avoid short mixing times / incomplete mixing. Such errors will compromise the performance of concrete. c)Never Ignore the sequence of the mixing.Always add water first and then other materials.


concrete vibrator  needle vibrator  It is important for compaction purposes.The vibrations cause the mixture to liquefy, reducing the internal friction of the mix components of cement, aggregate, and water. This allows the mix to move around more easily  .  


curing after concreting  Proper Curing is required at an early stage soon after placement and finishing. Curing is probably the most abused aspect of the concrete construction process. Unless concrete is given adequate time to cure at a proper humidity and temperature, it will not develop the characteristics that are expected and that are necessary to provide durability. Symptoms of improperly cured concrete include various types of cracking and surface disintegration.

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