About Manish and the purpose of this blog?

manish khanna 

Hello, my name is Manish Khanna, I am an interior designer and closely involved in construction industry. 

Professionally, I do housing and commercial projects; Nurture these undertakings from ground-up to all the way into finishing touches.

Designing and construction is my passion from childhood. I am an avid learner of the craft looking to constantly find ways to get better. This goes back to building models as kid with legos. Later, this was reverse engineering electronic gadgets. I am a techie at heart.

Since 2009, I have completed various projects from individual housing to commercial dwellings. 

This website blog is an artifact of my experience and knowledge. To this end, I would like to call out potential readers to share their own adventures and contribute to the blog. So join me, by posting your thoughts here.

I am very reachable and would personally answer to related queries. Also, feel free to reach out to me for feedback by visiting Contact us

Importantly, please share this with anyone who can gain from the blog. 

Thank you.

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